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We are cheerful and passionate about life, creativity, simple things and nature. Our daily inspiration is the two babies. In fact, there are 3. The third is a cute quadruped that snores a lot and is also our mascot. In the picture is even "The ONE and ONLY our beloved Sky".

We have always focused on practical things for our dwarfs and the multifunctional furniture set was and still is the perfect solution for them. We use the table for our creative activities, the bench when we have guests and they want three children to crowd on it, a place to store toys and books, the chair as a chair from small to large, table for legs, elevator, bedside table and so on. And of course Sky sometimes takes over the bench for lunch.

We highly recommend this type of furniture both for home use and for kindergartens / nurseries or bookstores.

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Floresti, judet Cluj

Tel: +40744 961 608

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